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Actual Wolf and Silverback Colony are coming to Duluth!
Join us at Brewer's Garage for a fun night of music on Michigan Street.
Age: 21+ 
No refunds at the door.
Presale: $5.00
Tickets at the door: $7.00
Genres: Alt-country rock and country folk
Date: Thursday, September 12th
Doors open: 7:00 PM
Music: 8:00 PM

Address: 205 E Michigan Street, Duluth, MN

Artist Bio:
The Legend of the Actual Wolf

There are outlaws, and there are outlaws. Some practice the pose and cultivate the image, though seldom dirty their soft, bourgeois hands with anything actually outside the law. When they do, it is often despicable, irresponsible or just plain mundane. The Actual Wolf, however, is a real outlaw and has pled guilty to it. Between the bust and before the trial AW recorded a pair of EPs, each showing ‘another side of the Wolf’. The first is USA, an every man’s acoustic album that channels both Woody and Zimmerman on a smuggler’s road trip on the cop-laden corridor of the I-80. The second—Lightning & the Wolf— conjures a 30-something’s symphony to Gawd, a rock EP at times so ethereal that it floats like smoke up into the aether, at others so earthy & grounded you can almost feel the parole. This is not music that pleads for forgiveness—the man has given his freedom as a sacrament at the altar of his beliefs. Rather, these are songs of redemption. Actual Wolf has paid a price, but like many deals with devils, seems to have come out the greater for it.
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